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Mark Woodward likes this "Grassroots" idea!

"...what I saw was truly amazing."

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"A new tool to expedite the core removal"

Rich Beardsley, Ken McDonald GC

​   Ken McDonald Golf Course is a city owned, Tempe, Arizona, facility with a small crew.  We have a core harvester we use to pickup plugs.  My friend Kirby Putt introduced me to the F1 core collector and asked if he could do our course with it to prove a point to me.  I’m old school, and sometimes just do what we’ve been doing because it works. 

   We started aerifying with two machines and decided to just do 10 holes one day and 9 holes the next.  The reason being, it takes so long to get the plug off the greens and slows the topdressing program.

   Kirby did the first green for me and he cleaned off the plugs miraculously fast.  He turned the machine over to me and I was amazed how easy and fast it was to operate.  We did the first 10 holes and topdressed and dragged them in before lunch.  This usually takes all day. The core collector was the key piece in expediting this process.  People started to gather and watch how quickly and efficiently it work.  THE CREW LOVED ME THAT DAY. The core harvester was parked.

   I think an “old dog” just learned a new trick.  Everyone should have one of these!

Rich Beardsley

Ken McDonald Golf Course

* Recognized by the USGA Greens Section as  "a new tool to expedite core removal".     LINK

Dean Hall, Tonto Verde GC

​​   I went to a demo of the F1 core collector and was immediately impressed.  I couldn’t believe how well this little attachment could clear the plugs in one pass.  A one man operation that took about 8 minutes to finish. 

   Knowing that I too would be aerifying in a couple of weeks, I talked my Greens Committee into purchasing one.  We completed 3 acres of greens with two aerifiers, just the one F1 core collector and two guys scooping the plugs in a 9.5 hour day!  WHAT A GREAT DEVICE!  Best of luck to you guys. You really got something here.


Dean Hall,

Tonto Verde Golf Club

Golf Course Superintendent

"DO I want one?"


Joe Schmidt


Asst GC SUperintendent

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