F1 Core Collector

The f1 Core Collector

  • Toro 3000 and 5000 Series Sand Pro
  • John Deere 1200H Bunker Rake
  • Some Smithco units 

Easily attaches to

The F1 Core Collector provides a quick and easy way to remove aerification cores. It eliminates raking and shoveling, while leaving the holes open. The bunker rake-mounted attachment glides safely over surface contours, picking up cores and depositing them in the hopper. With the greens surface now clean, the operator can then take the accumulated cores to peripheral areas for disposal. 

The many faces of the f1

The F1 recently opened up to our photographer, showing off it's many personalities...


You know that mess? The necessary evil you face when you impact 20% of the surface area of a green with a hollow-tine aerification?


Wouldn't it be nice to have a cost-effective tool that could collect 99% of the cores, safely, thoroughly, and using less labor than before?


Oh, and do it in 7 minutes a green? Yup. 

The Retro Gamer

So economically priced, it'll have you harken back to the 8-bit days, when Atari ruled the gamers and a pop only cost a nickel. "I remember when..."

The Impressionist 
Just as each brush stroke is planned, so is each bolt, nut and weld, on this piece of quality American-crafted equipment. 

The Comic Book Superhero
It's superpower is definitely speed. Blazing speed. Usain Bolt speed even.

The Swimsuit Model
Airbrushed until unrecognizable, this softened version is super safe, super gentle, even on contoured greens.

* Recognized by the USGA Greens Section as  "a new tool to expedite core removal".     LINK